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AD2S1210ASTZ Changes in EXC voltage

Question asked by on Sep 9, 2015
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Please teach me AD2S1210ASTZ.


I am a test of AD2S1210.
Issue is occur when I power up again.
When I re-power, EXC voltage becomes 2.867Vrms from 2.840Vrms.
Before turning on the power again = 2.840Vrms
After turning on the power again = 2.867Vrms

I do not know whether change in amplitude or offset currently.
Even when you again power up the power, do the start-up sequence in the same way as the first time.


I've checked the power supply voltage during power-down.
There is no issue when the voltage of the power down is 0V.
There is issue when the voltage of the power down is 100mV.

As a result of testing with multiple individuals, issue have occurred in 4pcs of 30.


AD2S1210 has a hardware reset and register settings.
But there is no description of the power on reset.

What is causing the issue?


Thank you.