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How to control an electronic lens/camera using BlackFin ADSP-BF537 through wifi?

Question asked by fabian_sl on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2015 by PrasanthR



I'm new at embedded systems, and I have a new job in which I'm in charge of controlling an electronic camera and an electronic lens using the parts of a SRV-1 robot (which includes a BF537 and a matchport chip to connect the system via wifi). I'm supposed to control it using a PC, connected through wifi directly to the Blackfin (I've read about adhoc connections, which I think I should set up).


Can anyone please guide me on how to do this? What should I read about in order to achieve this?


The lens comes with a control software which is supposed to be used on a computer connected through a serial port into the lens. Maybe I should look for a way to transmit the signal from the output of the serial ports from the computer, send it through wifi into the blackfin, which will then send that same signal into the lens. Then again I maybe wrong..