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Gate current for HMC487 Amplifier

Question asked by Kanchana.R on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by SMcBride


For the amplifier HMC487LP5, to reduce power consumption and continuous power dissipation, I'm planning to switching the Gate(Vgg) supply, between [Gate voltage at which Amplifier in OFF condition] and [amplifier operating voltage].


In datasheet, Gate bias voltage operating voltage and absolute max. rating both are mentioned as -2V to 0V


Kindly let me know the following,

  1. Gate voltage(Vgg) for amplifier OFF condition, even when drain voltage(+7V) is applied.
  2. What will be gate bias current for Amplifier OFF and Amplifier ON condition ?
  3. Does the operating voltage, (i.e) the voltage, Vgg, at which Idd=1300mA, vary device to device ? What will be the performance impact if, the Vgg of one amplifier is set for another amplifier. We are using two amplifiers, to get +36dBm output, can both amplifier set at same Vgg?


Kanchana R