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ADAU1452 Input and Output Configuration

Question asked by andreastan on Sep 7, 2015
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I have the following setup for ADAU1452 (please kindly see attachment). Can someone advise if this is possible?


Also can I2SO0 and I2SO1 be configured as TDM output while I2SO2 and I2SO3 be configured as I2S output?


Input connection
-1 set TDM signal from Audio DSP
-question : there are 4 set of output I2S signal , do I need to connect another 3 input TDM signal ,or Sigma DSP chip will do the routing / process internally with signal input TDM .

-IS2O_0 & I2SO_1 - 2 output ( after EQ and freq cross over ) are configured as TDM ( 7.1) to match with DAC input
- I2SO_2 - 3rd I2S output will be configured as normal I2S with Subwoofer signal .
-I2SO_3 - 4th I2S output will be configured as nromal I2S with LR channel ( after EQ , process from input TDM signal ).