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urgent help with the AD5932 generator

Question asked by JC_Bolivar07 on Sep 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by mcee

Hi everyone, I have been reading for some weeks this forum trying to find how to configure the AD5932 generator.

I need to get a sine wave, I know that it is so easy, but I don't understand how I have to do it.

Get this signal it's a first part of my graduation project, so I want to ask you your help, please.


How do I do the code?

How should I make the connections?


Please help me, actually I'm very worried, I have lost a lot of time trying to undrestand how cofigurate it and I have not been able.


I have reread its datasheet, I have tried to understand all questions that other people have asked here, but I don't understand yet.


I hope that anyone could help me.


It's very urgent