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Clarification on 2KByte internal XRAM ( ADuC836 )

Question asked by tntsei@ on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by MMA

Hi everybody.....


I need a clarification on a topic!


I have an ADuC836 and i have a problem with the Data memory size ( i have a linker error with keil C249 SEGMENT DATA TOO LARGE ).
The code that i have it's very old and it wasn't designed by me, but it's works correctly. Now i need to modify this code and i have this error that for now i'm not able to fix. In the datasheet of the ADuC it's reported that exists an other memory, that it's the 2 KByte Internal XRAM, that seems its on chip. It's possible use this memory to fix the problem that i have? maybe moving the variables stored in the DATA memory inside the 2KByte XRAM memory? Or i'm doing  wrong?


Thank you!!!