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Where does the driver go

Question asked by bud32 on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by Kader.M

I have a ADSP-TS201S (TigerSharc) chip that I'm programming with VisualDSP++ app, through a JTAG connection..  This is an inherited project and I could use some insight into what I am doing.


I connect to the JTAG to the device.  In the VisualDSP++ app, I select the FLASH tab, then the DRIVER tab, then select LOAD_DRIVER.  I the browser to select the flashDriver.dxe (ELF format) file.  I move from the DRIVER tab to the PROGRAMMING tab.  I browse & select a Hex formatted file.  I select PROGRAM.  I disconnect from the target/chip.


1) Am I programming Flash in the ADSP chip or is this Flash external to the chip (located on the board)?  (Unsure if the ADSP has internal Flash mem.  The datasheet implies: no)

2) What is the flashDriver.dxe file?  Is it only used by the VisualDSP++, or does it get saved to Flash as well?  (Does it stay with the board or is this only for the VisualDSP++ usage?)

3) What is the Hex formatted file?  (Bootloader for the DSP chip?  Firmware for the DSP chip?)

Is the HEX formatted file being saved in the DSP chip or in the board Flash?  (Unsure why I need the ADevice JTAG device if it is not stored in the chip.)