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Questions about datasheet

Question asked by JamesH114 on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by LiamR


I've been going through the data sheet, and I've noticed some discrepancies, wondering if you could clear them up for me.  See below:


VREF ISSUES - Seems that there are inconsistancies, could you let me know what is correct for each issue highlighted by different colors.


DAC UPDATE RATE ISSUE - it seems that both of these can't be true.  Which one is correct?

DAC rate.jpg

ENABLE PINS - In the AFE_CFG register how do BUF_EN, INAMP_EN, TIA_EN control their respective components? Through enable pins not shown in any of the figures?


QUESTIONS ABOUT ADC - I pieced this together base on the figures and descriptions, does this look right?  Any idea how the enables play into this?


WAVEFORM GENERATOR AND DAC - Also pieced this together, does everything look OK?


Any commments/questions on this would be much obligied.  Maybe there are more block diapgrams that didn't get put in the datasheet/userguide you could send out?