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ADV7619 Not Detecting as Sync Device in PC

Question asked by on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by mattp


      I have custom demo board with ADV7619 on it, only PORT A is populated. configuring the ADV7619 for FHD resolution-using attached sequences to bringup. the EDID and register writes are verified by I2C read back.

when i connect the HDMI source (Lenovo think pad - T440p) with docking station, the ADV7619 is not recognizing as hdmi sync device. i have just extracted the EDID from the same PC and configured the chip.

Also there is not all any behavior at the TMDS lines. literally if the hdmi source not able to provide the requested timing it suppose to fall to lower resolution and stream the video on the TMDS. i planing to have the analyze the ddc data it passing when i connect the cable to pc. but it will be quick if some one expert can suggest rather than spending time into debug.. what the ADV7619 sequence to miss out, that causing not to recognize at least as non-generic pnp device.


sequences attached