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FMCOMMS3 & ad9361-iiostream

Question asked by suppamax on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by suppamax
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I am trying to use the ad9361-iiostream example to send samples with my FMCOMMS3 but I see a strange behaviour.


I configured the RF frequency to be 1501MHz.

As I start the program, I see a peak at the desired frequency but it disappears almost immediately. It is replaced by 1 peaks at 1500 and 1502 MHz.

If I stop the program the peak at 1501 appears again; the activity at 1500 and 1502 remains.

I am using SW version 2015_R1.


I saw a reasonable spectrum only once, using a different version of linux (can't remember which one) and disabling the RX channel (which was not detected by the OS) but I am not able to reproduce it.


Do you have any suggestion?