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Using the Visual Analog client to talk to iiod server on zc706 board

Question asked by stevereine Employee on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by DNechita

Hi All,


I've got a ZC706 board with the FMCDAQ2 board plugged in. The IIO scope works great all around, but I would like to run this board from a Visual Analog client on my laptop. On the client side, it seems easy to configure, just enter the ip address of the server in the client options. On the ZC706 side, I think I need to configure the iiod (iio daemon). Does iiod come with the image that is stored in the SD card for this board or do I need to install iiod myself? I don't see a GUI option to program the iiod. Is there a config file for this? I have looked at all the reference/wiki material, can't find any information on configuring iiod.