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adv7511 - cec receive problems

Question asked by quintile on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by DaveD

I am programming an adv7511 directly, just using the datasheet.


I have worked my way through most things but incoming, directed, CEC messages are not ACK'ed and so the

transmitter (a Samsung TV) aborts transmission.


I can transmit messages and these are decoded by a Quantum Data analyser.


I do see broadcast messages from the the TV (e.g. enter standby), its only directed (peer to peer) messages

that are missed. When I use a logic analyser I can see messages sent from the TV when I make a

request (Give CEC Version) but these abort (due to lack of acknowledge).


the timings of all transmitted messages look correct (so I am setting the CEC timing registers correctly),

This also confirms I have enabled the chip and the cec sub-module correctly.


I am using a single receive register rather than three of them.


I set the Physical address of the adv7511 from the uploaded EDID from the TV (0x1000) and I correctly probe for

duplicate logical addresses before setting my own (though I have no other clashing devices at present).


The final clue: if I do a bus scan from the Quantum Data it claims to see logical address zero (the TV)

and address 13 (reserved 2). This makes no sense to me, I set the local address of the adv7511 to 5 and

readback the address register (i2c_cec, 0x4c) again just to confirm it was written correctly.


Is there anything else that can cause cec address filtering on the  adv7511's ?


Thanks for any help.