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Missing device config files for AD6679 for SPIController and VisualAnalog

Question asked by ihmig on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by J.Harris

I’m trying to get working the AD6679 500EBZ together with the ADS7-V2EBZ, but run into the following problems:

I downloaded and installed SPIController_Setup.exe and VisualAnalog_Setup.exe.

When I start SPI Controller, it asks for a device configuration file, but there is no cfg file for AD6679.

When I start VisualAnalog, it asks to create a new canvas, but there is not entry  “AD6679” present.

Where can I find the necessary files?

Also, the Wiki article on seems to refer to a different ADC - for example there is no "J801" on the AD6679 500EBZ.

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