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Two AD1937 in TDM configuration

Question asked by on Sep 2, 2015
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I have an application where I need a codec with 8 ADC's and 8 DAC's. The digital signal is transmitted/received to/from the processor via two (one Tx, one Rx) TDM streams with 256 bits per frame. ADC and DAC resolution should be 16 bit with a sampling rate of 48000.


I've been looking at using two AD1937 codec, but can't quite figure out on how to setup it up so that I've got 4 ADC's from codec A and 4 ADC's from codec B into one stream and the same setup for the DAC's.


The codec also needs an I2c interface for control.


Is this achievable with the AD1937 or does Analog have another codec that will do this?