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ADT6401 REACH compliance

Question asked by JulianoCioffi on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by JulianoCioffi

Hello Support,


I am FAE from Brazil, responsible for supporting all demands from ADI here.


I just came back from a full week of visitings and happened to go to a customer who is in deep needs of our REACH compliance for the ADT6401. They are in the middle of a certification process, and our mandatory rules requires an official document as usual for this process in Brazil.


They had an oppened issue at CIC.Americas Case#: C15HD2259. They promissed 3 weeks but it has already passed and our customer is blocked in their production.


Would you please give me instructions on getting it from ADI?




Juliano K. Cioffi - FAE 

Latinrep South America - Analog Devices