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cn0209 bipolar unipolar

Question asked by lijofrancist on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by DerrickH

Dear sir,

  i am using cn-0209 eval board i want to test unipolar and bipolar measurement ...

is the external circuit same for bipolar and unipolar voltage measurement?

is there any change change in register setting for ad7193?



actually in adc there is unipolar and bipolar bit change for corresponding measurement?

when i measure the circuit for -10 v get the circuit out(ad8275 out) 0v and 10v get the circuit out(ad8275 out) 4.5v

means it always make bipolar to unipolar at adc input...


so what change to make bipolar measurement and unipolar.

in cn0209 if we consider only unipolar but if it goes below 0v the value must be 0 how can make it..

please explain about voltage measurement for bipolar and unipolar and adc register change for unipolar and bipolar