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Linking error: CTool::Execute failed to CreateProcess

Question asked by mutilo.travaglia on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by Kader.M

Hi all,


We are getting an error when linking our project on the VisualDSP++ 5.1 IDE:




I saw some errors related to this on other topic, e.g:


I know that my error is caused because of the linker command size. Since all object files that I want to link goes on the linker command it returns this error when trying to link. I did some local tests to reduce the object files paths, renaming some objects and also changing the location (directory) to reduce the relative path, and it worked! That means the error is related to the size of the linker command.


Renaming object files is not an option for us. We should be able to link all object files in theirs original paths. How can we handle this? Is there any, through Visual DSP IDE, to give a list of all objects files to be linked in a .txt file instead of specifying all of them in the command line?


Thanks in advance.