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Ad9361 RFPLL Loop Filter

Question asked by Gallicalocus on Sep 1, 2015
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Since we could not find enough info about it we will start a new discussion:

For our application we want to do some simulation including the RFPLL (no not Simulink). Therefore we need some information about its loop filter. In the manual it is stated, that it is of type II, 3rd order and the circuit topology is given. From the RegisterMap Manual the values of R1, R3 and C2 can be calculated.

Unfortunately the information on the values of C1 and C2 are pretty vague: "These bits set the capacitor for the loop filter...."

Can anyone tell us the corresponding value (depending on reg-value of course) of these two components or give us some additional information about the behaviour of the RFPLL, which is not in the manual.


Thank you for your effort.

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