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ADL5801 RF to LO isolation

Question asked by PaulvdM on Aug 31, 2015
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Never thought I'd be interested in the isolation in this direction (instead of LO to RF)... but here's my reasoning:


I am using the ADL5801 in a radar receiver where the path length for the LO signal is unfortunately quite long.

I get some ghost returns which seem to coincide with the following path:

--> In at RF port of ADL5801

--> Out at LO port of ADL5801

--> along LO path to remote coupler (where LO signal originates)

--> reflect at the coupler port

--> return to mixer LO port

--> get mixed with original LO signal to form a ghost return


Is there anyone else who thinks this is plausible ?

What would the isolation typically be from the RF port to the LO port of a device like this?


Thank you!