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FMCOMM-3 Reference Design for two different boards

Question asked by vittal92 on Aug 31, 2015
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I have just started using FMCOMM-3 with Zynq ZC 702 and I could successfully run the demo wherein a sine wave was transmitted and received by the board (loop back TX to RX, within a single board). I used both coax and RF antennas for communication and both worked perfectly fine.



Now, I am thinking of checking the same thing using two different boards. That is, transmit a sine wave (or anything similar) from one board and receive the same from another board. For this, I need the two boards to be separately configured and I believe the bit file which is provided with the board for the demo purpose, is meant only for the loop back (TX and RX within one board).
So, my question is if there exists any code/bit file which will help in the demo of board to board communication.
Or Is it possible for the same bitfile to work if the carrier frequency of the local oscialltor is set to be same for both TX (on one board) and RX(on another board)?




Any help would be really appreciated.