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Spikes on the ADC outputs fmcomms1

Question asked by Intec_H on Aug 30, 2015
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hi all,


I designed a QAM-transceiver with Kintex 7 and fmcomms1, every thing works fine. But sometimes some large spikes appear at the ADC outputs on both channel ( I and Q) designated as mod_rxI and mod_rxQ. The data is captured by Chipscope. These spikes are very dreadful for my design since they break the feedback loops of CDR, costas-loop, AGC etc.


I guess, these spikes are caused by hardware failure???

Can anyone give any explanation for this and some suggestion for fixing it?  rejeesh


I'm really appreciate for any help and advice.





When plotting the received data ( I + jQ) with spikes in matlab


The normal received data (I + jQ) without spikes distortion is shown as below: