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How to improve the accuracy of signal acquisition  of ADAS1000

Question asked by kaiHu on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Padraic

Hi, I recently used ADAS1000 made a circuit board. Now, with the circuit board can collect ECG but the signal quality is not good. With the following configurtion of TESTTONE, I was able to get a perfect sine signal: ADAS1000_TESTTONE,   0x00E00005; ADAS1000_FRMCTL,   0x007FFE14; ADAS1000_CMREFCTL,   0x0000000A; ADAS1000_FILTCTL,   0x00000008; ADAS1000_ECGCTL,   0x00E0008E; 正弦.png

But with the  configurtion of ECGDATA, the result has a lot of noise.ADAS1000_CMREFCTL, 0x00000000; ADAS1000_FRMCTL, 0x007FFE08; ADAS1000_FILTCTL, 0x00000000; ADAS1000_ECGCTL, 0x00F8048E; I used a ECG Simulator as the signal source, the amplitude of the signal was set 5.5mV.


This result is regarded as relatively good, more often worse than the result, any suggestions please?