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BF-518f ez-board Using both SD-Card and CODEC functionality at the same time.

Question asked by chagai on Apr 26, 2011

Hi All,


I'm using the BF518f EvalBoard rev1.0.
my application uses the basic configurations of the Audio Codec example (the one from the examples update 8 or 9)
as you know, in this board the CODEC and the SD-Card interface, both use SPORT0;
I have manged to operate both the SD-Card interface and the Codec, independently each of them alone.
My problem is that I would like to use both functions.
I would like to move the CODEC and "reroute" it to SPORT1.
The following table describes the original and modified Codec connection to the DSP
Function         Original                     Modified
ADCDAT       DR0PRI - PG3         DR1PRI - PH0
BCLK             RSCLK0 - PG4        RSCLK1 - PH2
ADCLRC       RFS0 - PG5             RFS1 - PH1
DACLRC       TFS0 - PG6              TFS1 - PH4
DACDAT       DT0PRI - PG7          DT1PRI - PH3
BCLK             TSCLK0 - PG8         TSCLK1 - PH5
Could you please advise me on which software changes should i perform?
how to change the Codec Interface from SPORT0/PortG to SPORT1/PortH
and in which files can i find the device settings in order to do so?