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ASCII version of PADS AD7175-2SDZ schematic and board layout files

Question asked by jstrickrott on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by rcalam

We are planning to use the AD7175-2 ADC in a new design and would like to leverage the existing evaluation board schematic, and pcb layout to shorten the development curve. The EVAL AD7175-2SDZ hardware files ( contain the PADS binary form of the PCB layout and Schematic. However our company uses Altium as its EDA toolset. Altium requires the ASCII format of the PADS file to import the design. Would it be possible for someone on your team to save (export) the existing hardware files in ASCII format and post to this discussion board for others to use?


Would it also be possible for this to be done for the companion reference design CN0363, Dual-Channel Colorimeter with Programmable Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers and Digital Synchronous Detection ( based upon the same ADC?



--Jeff S