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ad9467 ref. design compile error on ubuntu. create_bd_cell failed

Question asked by -2dbc on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by rejeesh



I have ad9467 and KC705 board. I download ad Reference design folder completely.

First, I compile all of modules on library directory as you answered to earlier similar questions.

After that, I tries to compile hdl-master/projects/ad9467_fmc/kc705 directory and I got an error.

This is not related with my products, I tried to compile other eval boards directories but I got same error.

I know, you will say "Have you read and implement instrucations on the user guide".

Yes. I think, I followed your guide and compiled all of library directories.

I attached log results to this post.


My setup is:

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

Vivado 2014.4.1(Because AD git repo says: install Vivado 2014.4.1)

Git repo: analogdevicesinc/hdl · GitHub (master branch )

Readme says also : "Tools version: Xilinx : Vivado 2014.4.1"


I tried same steps two times on different PCs but I got same error.