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Choosing best ADC chip for Arduino interfaced magnetometer

Question asked by ghr@ilstu on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by jcolao

We're building a ground-based magnetometer based on Honeywell's HMC-2003 chip, and in order to get the full resolution, we need at least 16 bits in our ADC.  We'd like to use an Arduino Mega to control the device, but we're new to SPI interfacing, so we need to know the best ADC chip that 1) has the proper resolution and 2) is reasonably straightforward to interface with the Arduino.  We've been looking at the AD7712 and AD7731, but we'll gladly listen to any sound advice.  We also need brief advice on how to handle the programming.  We just need a sturdy skeleton, and we'll happily do the work to learn the details.  Thanks in advance!  George