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AD9398 audio issue

Question asked by Kikka on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Kikka

Noise issue occurs on audio output from AD9398.

Noise issue is that small pop noise occurs one time per 5 seconds. And you can hear it on 10kHz sine wave more easily than 1kHz sine wave.

The condition is following.


-All pictures(480p,1080i, VGA)

-All sampling rate(32, 44.1, 48kHz)

-To set FIFO Reset UF, FIFO Reset OF(0x59[2:1]) effects this issue.

   It reduces the frequency of occurrence but does not solve this issue.

-To set N_CTS_Disable(0x58[3]) effects this issue.

   It can kill the noise occasionally.

-The register settings is attached.

   The settings are based on your instruction of datasheet page12.


Please give me your advice to solve this issue.