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Controlling AD9361 with Matlab via iio_cmdsrv what commands?

Question asked by Go_Sox on Aug 27, 2015
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Zinq ZC-706




We are trying to evaluate the AD9361 device using Matlab, via a UDP/Ethernet connection to the iio_cmdsrv. We are talking to the iio_cmdsrv, and have successfully executed the commands "version" and "show".


The question is this; which set of commands can we send through the iio_cmdsrv? and what is the syntax?


We would like to send commands to change the frequency, retrieve data etc., but GitHub has a lot of choices such as ad9361_api.c,

ad9361.c and more, so I am not sure which set of command will work on the 9361 and can be sent through iio_cmdsrv?


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.