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Fmcomm3 reference design - Signal value not found

Question asked by vittal92 on Aug 27, 2015
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I have been trying to implement the reference design of FMCOMM3 and the board that I have is ZC-702

I see that when I open the IIO oscilloscope, the signals are not detected in the DMM tab.

Attached is the screenshot (DMM)

According to the reference manual, I am supposed to see the values of the signals on the right hand side of the window, which not seen in my case.


As ad9361-phy:voltage2 was shown in the DDM window, I looked into the waveform of the same.

However, it appears as if its just noise. Screenshot of the waveform is also attached (Capture)

Could anyone help me fix this?

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you