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synchronize mutiple channels of AD9959

Question asked by LLDKong on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by JLKeip

Hi all,

  I am looking for DDS to output sine wave of given frequency, amplitude and phase with fine resolution. I need two independent output channels with different frequency and phase. I was thinking to use two AD9910. But today when I am reading an article, people used AD9959. And the manual said AD9959 have 4 independent channels. So does it mean I can control the frequency, amplitude and phase separately on each channel? I wonder if it is easy to synchronize 2 or 4 channels output? For example, in channel 1, I would like it to generate 35MHz, initial zero phase offset sine wave; in channel 2, I need 55MHz, 23.5 degree offset phase sine wave. But I need both channels output in sychronize mode. Do I need to build any circuit to do so or it could be controlled by software? How good is the phase lock between two channels comparing to two AD9910?


One more question is about the amplitude resolution. The manual said it is 10bit resolution. Is any other chip have the similar spec on frequency and phase resolution but with higher resolution on amplitude (at least 12 bit).