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timing for ADV7393 with 2.5V VDD_IO

Question asked by timothy.starr on Aug 26, 2015
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We're using the ADV7393 on our camera electronics for analog video output. Everything is hooked up correctly, but we are not getting proper video output. One thing we noticed, which maybe the issue, is that we are running the VDD_IO at 2.5V. The data sheet indicates that VDD_IO is good from 1.71V to 3.63V. The datasheet has timing and interface details for a 1.8V nominal VDD_IO and a 3.3V nominal VDD_IO but nothing for 2.5V. Is there someone that can confirm that it is ok to operate VDD_IO at 2.5V?


If so, what timing criteria should we use for the Video data and Control interfaces? Thanks and Best Regards,



-Tim Starr on behalf of MA@GI