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Selecting the right readout ciruit for capacitive acceleometer

Question asked by Allen_9 on Aug 25, 2015
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Hi Folks,

I've recently developed and fabricated a high sensitivity  bulk-micromachined  MEMS capacitive accelerometer with the following mechanical characteristics:

1- mechanical sensitivity: 100pF/g

2- Full range: 2g (meaning that the variable capacitance that should be read along the full acceleration range is 200 pF)

3- Reference capacitance (at rest); 100pF

4- resonant frequency 100 Hz

5- I need very low electrical noise circuit as this accelerometer is designed for micro gravity measurements.

6- open loop single ended capacitive accelerometer

7- The circuit should be able to detect capacitance change in the range of 10's aF


I'm actually not familiar in designing the appropriate readout circuit but I found iSensor MEMS accelerometer subsystems provided by AD and Evaluation boards, but I don't know which one I should select.


Could please guide me in choosing the right readout circuit or any general advice.