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ad7795 burning up

Question asked by cdb on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by sanjaysutar

I've had several failures in a product line using the ad7795.  The ad7795 is being used to measure the resistance of RTD temperature sensors.  In a few of our boards the ad7795 burns up.  My technician is reporting burn marks on the top of the part and he is having to replace the ad7795.  Power to the part is 5V.  Both AVDD and DVDD are sourced from the same power supply (we're using ferrite beads to isolate AVDD and DVDD) and we're using 10uf and .1uf bypass caps on AVDD and DVDD.  I haven't found any information that indicates that this might be a problem or how to fix it.  I'm wondering if the part is susceptible to CMOS lock up.  Any suggestions?