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ADXRS 453  null bias stability

Question asked by Stt on Aug 25, 2015
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I send the following questions to analog technical support an I was redirected here. Hope you can help me!

1、In the ADXRS453.pdf the artical describes "excellent 16°/hour null bias stability "

but in the MEMS_Inertial_Sensors_Selection_Tables.pdf it describes  In-Run Bias Stability  16°/Hr.

Do the two features have the same value?

2、Can the registers "PIDx" have other values expect 0x5201,0x5202 and so on?  The num I have read

is 0x0100, am i wrong?

3、I have three ADXRS453(two LCC_V and one SOIC_CAV) in my system to sense x,y axis(LCC_V)and z-axis(SOIC_CAV).

For null calibration, i do the average of 2000 values sampled at the static condition .

My sampling cycle is 20.8ms,and i restart the system for 8 times. For each axis the  8  average values are:

   x  (0.394,  1.23,  1.186, 1.119, 1.142, 1.156, 1.183, 1.188)

   y  (-1.155, -3.459, -2.713, -2.307, -2.392, -2.636, -3.193, -2.999)

   z  (2.127, 2.318, 2.644, 2.574, 2.616, 2.515, 2.310, 2.354)

Then my question is: For one ADXRS453, why the average value is obviously different from the others(the y-axis the most notable)?

For example, the y-axis( -1.155 and -3.459)( -2.636 and -3.193).   In this case,how can i do null calibration?or Did i get the wrong data?


4、What is the difference between  the parameter "NULL ACCURACY"(in the ADXRS453.pdf p3 table1)

and  "Initial Null"(in ADIS16130.pdf p3)?