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Question about Max. Power consumption and  Ψjt of AD8159

Question asked by Se-woong on Aug 25, 2015
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My customer asks maximum power consumption and Ψjt of AD8159.

Please refer below questions and let me know your answers ASAP.


1) About maximum power consumption of AD8159

In a datasheet of AD8159, there are two kinds of power dissipations.

One is 1.16W which is calculated from current specification in datasheet and the other is 4.26W from absolute maximum ratings (Table.2).


Would you let me know which is the maimum power consumption of AD8159 at normal state?

(Their application is a GPON line card and they are using AD8159 for muxing 2.5Gbps signals.)




2) About Ψjt of AD8159


In a datasheet of AD8159, I can confirm the value of Φjc.

But for  confirming more precise junction temperature, I need  the value of Ψjt .


Would you let me know the Ψjt value of AD8159?



If you have any questions, please let me know.