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HMC1099 Gate bias and pulsed RF operation

Question asked by arvabj on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by arvabj

I am very interested in evaluating the HMC1099. I had a few questions on this part:


1. What is the typical Vgg needed to reach 100mA quiescent Idd ? Do you have any measurements for Vgg v/s Idd ?


2. Are all the plots of Gain, PAE, Idd (like fig 24, 26, 27 of datasheet) for CW operation ? Are there any minimum pulse width requirements for Pulsed RF operation ?


3. Is the eval board circuit in fig-38 shown for broadband match from 0.01-1.1 GHz ?


4. I do not see this part or the eval board available from ADI or other distributors. Is this part in production ?