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EVAL ADAU1772 communicating with FPGA

Question asked by josededios on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by josededios

Hi I just purchased an evaluation board from the ADAU1772 and need a bit of help.


I want to the use the ADAU1772 to communicate with a FPGA to transmitt the data from the ADC to the FPGA and transmit data from the FPGA to the DAC. I have programmed an I2S interface in VHDL which runs without problem. The problem comes when connecting the FPGA to the ADAU1772.

I have been using the ADAU as a Master to transmit the data to the FPGA. My question is what to do with the MCLK signal?. My guess was that I should use the FPGA to provide the CLOCK signal to the board using that MCLK line. In the documentation is written that to use an external clock, the R3 should be removed from the board. I have done that, and I am generating a CLOCK signal with the FPGA of 10MHZ. How should I configure the ADAU1772 with SIgma Studio to use this external MCLK?


Does anyone have an aidea how to do this?