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ADF4158 loopfiler and sweep

Question asked by dongwook on Aug 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by rbrennan


There is a problem about ADF4158 loopfiler and sweep puzzles me a lot recently.

I will attach the loopfiler value.
Don't active perfect triangle wave. Also, I will attach the sweep screenshot.
The inflection point of the sweep signals are distorted.
I want to operate a perfect triangle wave.

Please tell me that i am what mistakes,plz.


Can you tell me how to resolve the sweep signals are distorted? What is the main factor of the jitter or noise, the loop filter design or the jitter of  thep ower of ADF4158 in the system, or some other factors?


Trying to solve the problem, I change the loopfilter value too many times. And I don't know whether this phenomenon leads to the problem mentioned above.


Plz, can you give me some suggestions about the problem?