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adv7180 interfacing issue

Question asked by karthik21 on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Rob.Analog

We have interfaced ADV7180 decoder with TI processor DM8148. We have captured the frames and performed some analysis-

a) Captured the default frames coming from decoder(without giving and feed in to decoder), after capturing we compared 2 consecutive frames and found that the frames exactly match.This activity is done many time with different Default values for Y Cr Cb, result was same.

b) We gave a feed from DVD layer where an image of blue/green/red is paused. When we are trying to compare the consecutive frames captured the result is that frames are not matching. Later we tried to plot the difference between pixel values in the corresponding frames, it was shooting to mid 40s and more often is around 20s.

Please helps us to know what the problem is. If it is with noise(as suggested by some forums) on the board (we have followed the basic layout guidelines given in the datasheet) then please suggest some standard technique to measure it and suggestion to minimise it. Also we would like to know the acceptable levels of noise (or the difference between 2 pixels).

The comparison is done between 2 consecutive frames i.e. F0(x,y) is compared with F1(x,y) where F0 And F1 are 2 consecutive frame.

Please help as our project is in very critical stage.

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