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Lack of support for the CM40x chip at this forum

Question asked by fivelines on Aug 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Prashant

How many here feel that there is a lack of GOOD support at this forum for us, the DSP developers for the CM40x chip?  Personally, I lost 2 weeks when the new security protocol was released and the support on this forum was less than optimal -- I was given canned replies, and the turn around time was over a week.


I get it: when AD decided to move the development of DSP chips to offshore, there would be some headaches.  But I don't know, considering AD makes $$ by selling chips, one would think one would want to support the code developers as much as possible so that

(1) they can get the project done (and buy chips) and

(2) if they are happy with it, recommend it to others (so others would buy it)

I hope the big-wigs are listening so that changes can be implemented ...

We need better support!