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Unable to run optical flow example on BLIP2

Question asked by dpen41 on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by akshay

Dear All,


I am trying to run optical flow example available from ImageProcessingToolbox-BF-Rel2.4.0 for BF707. Build is fine but when I try to load the program it fails to run. Looks like it is stuck at configuring some clock. I also tried corner detect example as well but same result.


I have attached screen shot and current stack looks like below:


opticalflow_bf707 Debug [Application with CrossCore Debugger]
ADSP-BF707 [Debug\opticalflow_bf707.dxe] (Suspended : Breakpoint)
<__nmi_int_dispatcher + 0x8>() at 0x11a03bf4
GetClkStatusRegister(const ADI_PWR_DEVICE*, const ADI_PWR_CLK_STAT, uint32_t*) at adi_pwr_v2.c:129 0x80315d6
WaitForLock(ADI_PWR_HANDLE) at adi_pwr_v2.c:437 0x8031806
adi_pwr_SetClkDivideRegister(const uint32_t, const ADI_PWR_CLK_DIV, const uint32_t) at adi_pwr_v2.c:1,382 0x8031cb8
BSP_Init() at bsp.c:117 0x803053c
main() at usbio_main.c:92 0x80303a0




Appreciate any help to get this running.



Dipen Patel