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AD7193 Calibration issues

Question asked by adamg. on Aug 22, 2015
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First I am doing the reset on AD7193. Then I do the following

i)write x80 to communcation register

ii)write x080010 to Mode register

iii)write x10 to communication register

iv)write x000110 to Configuration register

I have done this part successfully and also verified by reading these register contents.


I am having problem with calibration part

After doing the above four steps I again write to mode register x880010 (for internal zero scale calibration)

And then I wait for RDY' bit to go low as it indicates that the calibration is done. But RDY' bit never goes low.

Please help.

I had posted this question 3 days back. Some one answered it and it got marked as correct answer, I tried to unmark it but it didn't go. That's why I am posting it again