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ADT7470 GPIO Status

Question asked by on Aug 20, 2015
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Dear Sir,


      The ADT7470 Table 50. show "When GPIO is configured as an output, these bits are read/write. Setting these bits asserts the GPIO output. (Asserted can be high or low depending on the setting of GPIO4 polarity.)". We run below setting:


  1. Register 0x7F write "0x02" ==> set PWM3 as GPIO
  2. Register 0x80 write "0x0C" ==> set GPIO3 as output active high
  3. Register 0x81 write "0x0C" than 0x4C
  4. Register 0x81 write "0x0C"



But GPIO 3 ( PWM3 pin 8 ) level don't have any change (always high level) and Register 0x81 always read equal to "0x0C" at each step. Please help to check this issue. Thanks!