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LDR file size

Question asked by AviMagos on Apr 24, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by CraigG



I'm trying to figure out whether my code will fit into the DSP flash.


I compiled my project, with 8-bit NAND flash setting,  target type loader file.


The resulting .ldr file size on PC hardisk is 605KB.


When editing the file with the ldr viewer I can see that that the last used EPROM address is 0X3EC70 coresponding to roughly 252KB (assuming each address is indeed 1 byte). This also makes sense with the size I calculated for the initialized variables & code (using the ldf expert linker).


How can I know how much physical space does my software occupy within the target flash?


How come the ldr file itself is much larger than the actual data it supposedly contains? - Does it contain redundancies/headers that the flash-programmer uses but does not copy to the flash itself?