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Changing the 7511 default configuration

Question asked by ahmedbarakat on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by mattp

Hello All,


We have the advantiv board and we used to output HDMI video to the screen successfully, but the problem that we had to play with some register values to make it compatible with our video in source.


We requested a change in the default values of the register configuration for 7511 chip and AD asked us to sign the license agreement, and we now have the source code for the firmware.


I see one Initialization array in the code TxInitTable which looks to me the only place I can modify the default configuration, I tried to build the project provided to us, and I manage to program it using U-Boot correctly, but I don't see the values of the registers written in this array when I dump the registers after loading the application.


Also I noticed that this array is inside the repeater folder so I tried to start the repeater but no effect happens.


The target now is that I want to power up the board and automatically my configurations  are loaded, without the need to any external interaction.


Appreciating your support