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RTL of Partial-Reconfig for AD-FMCOMMS1/3 with ZC706PR

Question asked by Kaos on Aug 19, 2015
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Dear Sir/Madam,


Our instrumentation customer is studying for your good SDR AD9361 with FPGA ZC706PR.



  Do you have the RTL of Partial-Reconfig for ZC706PR with AD-FMCOMMS1 or 3?


I just searched on your "List of hardware, projects, carriers and IP cores".

So I just found carriers "ZC706" on "FMCOMMS1" and  "FMCOMMS3" either.

They 2 links jump to GitHub.

I think that there is RTL of Partial-Reconfig on them.

But there is not ZC706PR.

Otherwise can we use the ZC706 GitHub files as ZC706PR?

Thanks Kaos