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FMCOMMS5 not recognized on ZC702

Question asked by KE5FX on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by rgetz

The oscilloscope demo app on the ZC702 doesn't seem to find my FMCOMMS5 board for some reason.  I've reflashed the 8 GB SD card image per the wiki, then run the ADI Update Tools (twice, per recommendation) and ADI Update Boot scripts from the shortcuts on the Linux desktop.  I've also verified that the relevant files in the root directory of the boot partition were updated by the latter.


Photos of the setup and resulting displays (click for larger versions):



The large vias between the FMC connectors are receiving 3.3V and 12V as the silkscreen indicates.  I'm also applying 500 MHz at +3 dBm to J302 (not sure what the software actually expects here, as it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.)

Any clues?