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Zerocopy / DMA Scatter Gather commits?

Question asked by njp on Aug 18, 2015
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I saw some interesting commits to the hdl and linux branches that sounded like a Zerocopy driver and Scatter Gather DMA are being developed. My project is always looking to maximize performance and move samples from the PL to PS as quickly as possible. So I'm wondering what is the plan for these projects? In other words, when will these leave the development phase and move to a release phase (i.e. are we not going to see these features until 2015_R2, or even 201X_RY ?).


If there's anything I can do to test them out on my implementation, I'd be willing to help.


Edit: and just wondering, are these going to be mainlined or something? ADI's Zynq DMA stuff is so much better than Xilinx's at this point it's kind of silly.