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Reference SW app for ZC706 / FMCOMMS2 design

Question asked by Raptor99 on Aug 18, 2015
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I am using a demo setup consisting of ZC706 Xilinx card and FMCOMMS2 radio card. I'm running the provided Zynq HDL build and SDK project. Being more familiar with FPGA design and hardware, I am wondering if there's a reference app available which I can use to output I/Q over a simple interface such as TCP/IP over the ethernet connection on the ZC706 or some other simple interface so I can grab X number of I/Q samples from the card to the PC i am using.

I understand there is a function adc_capture provided but what I am looking for (if it exists) is a sample app that uses this function or a similar one to get the I/Q data off the board that I can get started with and educate myself.


Any guidance appreciated.