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Running  IIO scope with just the FMCOMMS1 Tx side

Question asked by on Aug 18, 2015
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We have build a board based on the FCOMMS1 using only the Tx side. We have the following devices:

- 9122 - DAC

- 5325 - I/Q modulator

- 9548 - Clk-sync

- 9523 - clk. distribution

We use two 4351 in a ping pong mode.

When we invoke the ADI IO program, it gives me an error of  "unhandled attribute ad9643 core lpc". And it does not show the FCOOMS1 tab on the IIO scope. Apparently, it is complaining that the ADC is not present.


Her are my questions:

1- Is it possible to run the ADI IO on the configuration we have?

2- When building a NO-OS project to drive our design, we can we just go ahead and remove the devices we are not using and generate the project? Am I missing anything?


Thanks for your help.